Tuesday, November 4, 2008


My knowledge = Google
"Fuck the system!"
Yet, we don’t understand it.
"I want something better!"
Yet, we’re too lazy to vote,
And the ones that vote sometimes don’t even have a clue.
"I’m voting for Obama" cause that’s who the radio promotes.
Sick of the media
We act just like puppets.
We need change.
"My voice is never heard,"
But we never said anything!
I’m so interested in the struggle of other nations,
Yet I don’t understand my own.
Let me click on Yahoo, to see what our government agenda holds.
Let me Google my amendments.
Who’s at war? Wikipedia always knows.
Why complain about being broke?
I’m still in the 10-year school plan,
what do I really know?
I know I rather sit and read a book or take a minute to truly listen,
rather then spend my time and money trying to buy that new Fendi purse.
Education = PowerMaterial things are not the answer.

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