Saturday, December 20, 2014

Houston Female Cyclist Part 1

Bike riding is my time to be free and not worry about a damn thing.
I feel like a kid again and all worries are gone, all thoughts have vanish, and I'm no longer tired.
My first invite to group riding was 4, or was it 5?, years ago. This invite made it possible for me to feel comfortable riding on streets, at night, and feeling safe on the roads.
I wanted to share pictures of some great ladies  I have met in my journey. All beautiful, amazing, and love cycling as much as I do or more...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekend in Houston

Woke up late and decided to finally check out Catalinas Coffee shop. The boyfriend has been talking about it non-stop so I figured why not, anything beats Starbucks!
I love coffee but only when I'm in the mood for it if not a Topo Chico is like magic!

After chugging my iced coffee, which I honestly didn't like, and people watching we decided to check out the East side. Gotta' love Facebook Events!
There was a Frida Kahlo festival happening at East Side Studios and it was a beautiful day, so why not let's check it out!
 There where lots of beautiful pieces and all was about Frida. There was even a painting of a Chola Frida. I'm actually not a Frida Kahlo fan, I like some of her paintings but not really. Don't get me wrong as a poet and woman she's amazing but I'm not in love with her paintings. I rather view Diego Riveras work for hours!
I did find a piece that made me smile, it was a bench with dolls around it by artist Lowbrow Pilgrim. His work can be viewed at

Another cool piece:

We later went next door to check out the local crafts. My friend felt in love with the earrings by Cynthia Vela.!/RETAIL.ART.JEWELRY?fref=ts

Jewelry I had to definitely buy! The artist is from Chile and I need to find his info. I will post when I get a chance.

                                                        Las Fridas G├╝eras!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toxic Shocks

My girls!
Every Monday I feel free and have no worries. Get out and enjoy the road.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Me like

C'est la vie

Almost the end of the year, wow time is just running and I'm still walking.
Got a bit of some bad news today which just made me a bit more blue. The weekend was weird, starting with a fight with my boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, not sure where I stand in his book now. Yet, today I realized that it's really me in all my fail relationships. I'm a fucking bitch!!! I let little things get to me, I go from being mad to just being completely ugly in less then 2 minutes. I have become a jealous person, comparing myself to other people and being annoyed with their success.
This morning while at the doctor's office getting more bad news, I received a text.
The doctor chatting it up about my liver and my friend texting about a post I made on facebook that they didn't like. At this point I just didn't give a fuck and could care less about what I should and how I should say things to others. You are probably asking yourself , "well didn't you just mention that you want to become a better person?"
I do, and I will try. First we all have choices. I choose to not let little things get to me anymore!
I choose to get a real life and not sit my fat ass on Facebook all the time.
I choose to not care if people like me or if I'm saying the appropriate things to them so they can like me.
I will not compare my life to others and will be happy with what I'm doing.
I will be more patient and count to a thousand if needed.
and now you might think that I'm wasting my time writing this junk, however I'm venting and I don't care if my spelling and grammar are that of a second grader.
Today I start with keeping it real.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Pinche Floja!!
No motivation, no energy, just plain laziness!!
Things need to change!
No writing, no photos, no running, making me fatter!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Nothing was plan out for this years SXSW, better yet I didn't really think to go, look up who was playing, or check my pockets to see if I had any money. After reading everyones post on facebook about The Strokes show, how much fun they where having, drinking, dancing, I said, "To HELL WITH IT, LET'S GO TO AUSTIN!!!"
I'm glad I found a new daredevil friend at the new job, with out thinking twice she agreed. That night we searched for cheap and available rooms and after an hour of bing,, and priceline, the Marriot agreed to my $95 bid. We went to work on Saturday morning and clocked out at exactly 2:30 p.m. The usual 3 hour drive took only 2 hours and 15 minutes it was probably due to the great company, the six pack of beer, the chocolate pretzel or the cheese puffs.

At the Marriot no ideas, no plan, but ready for a party! Gotta' start early who knows how pricey drinks will be. Lagunitas Pale Ale yummy stuff! Found the redbull party, the line was super long. No time for standing still "WE WANT TO DANCE!!"
Decided to go to the front of the line and just cut as soon as the line started to move. The music was great, a little mix of hip hop, fist pumping, and old school dancing. One thing that annoyed me was the b-boys on the left side of the stage. Way to cocky and I've seen better moves. A girl tried to get up on the stage and danced and was quickly pushed down by the boys, maybe I'm use to the sweetnest of my Houston guys who will invite anyone to the dance floor because after all it's a party!
Got to listen to DJ Jazzy Jeff and a a song or two from De La Soul.

Place was too pack and I wanted to listen to PELIGROSA before the party was over. Los Rakas

The guys are hot and the music is insane. Pura Gozadera!!

That boy Dayta from Houston and Mr. Sonora Longoria from San Antonio.

Musica en las venas! I like finding cool tats and chicks! 2:30 in the morning , drunk and walking. Sunday morning decided to stop by flip happy. Cute crepe place in Austin.

Roasted chicken crepe.

Cute and friendly shop around the corner from Flip Happy. Great place for souvenirs! Adrian recommended we get some Brazos Ice cream, which is made with goat milk. I really like! Great get away! Maybe next year we'll stay there the whole week.

I love you Texas!