Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Oh la la…
Who’s at it again?
Wait wait she never stopped!
Does this girl ever sleep?
From the place popular for its art, croissants, and health care in comes FAFI!
At a hot 35 she’s known for her graffiti and urban art which started in the streets of France in 1994.
Her aerosol and paintbrushes give life to Fafinettes, who bring fun, sexy, and playful where ever they are placed.
Pink, hearts, undies, bright colors, and other cool friends are part of Fafi’s world, Fafinettes are not all play they are also aggressive and bold.
Fafi’s passport has been stamped by places such as Japan, China, Europe, U.S., Cuba and Mexico to name a few.

(Mexico City)
Sony was one of the first to go nuts on her work and therefore six vinyl fafinettes where created for the Time Capsules collection.
Some of her other collaborations include:

M.A.C. cosmetics


(first round for Adidas)

(Adidas 2010)

Fashion such as M.O.B.
and countless magazines.

(Book and vinyl faffinettes for M.A.C.)
Lily Allen was made into a fafinette in the video, Oh my God.

Her work can be check out at:
Also, a very lucky friend got to interview her in Mexico City, check it:


Her work just continues to get more creative and amazing with the years.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rodrigo y Gabriela

This was my second time listening to them. I actually have to thank MTV for this one, they came out on a brief commercial after a reality show.
Who says, they don't play music no more?!?!?!
I was surprise at the amount of people at House of Blues and also by all the nationalities. Some spoke Spanish and the others just wanted to listen to a good Metallica cover.
Check them out: