Sunday, August 22, 2010

Panteon Rococo

Last week House of Blues had the crowd dancing thanks to the killer beats of Pateon Rococo and two other great ska bands from Houston.
At exactly 8:30, with the crowd still gathering, Fuska started to jam and the folks started dancing. They are a young band full of energy with a lead singer who can’t stand still, he just wants to get it going.

The room got heated as soon as Laskaretas stepped in, with the rhytme of the drums going hard one was bound to start sweating.
Two great bands to represent that Houston sure knows how to get its music on.

With 400 people screaming for Panteon Rococo, this was bound to be a good show.
Panteon Rococo is a ska band from Mexico City that was born around 1995.
The infuse styles of punk, reggae, salsa, and cumbia are pack into an energetic sound that comes with a positive political message.
This was there 2010 Ejercito de la Paz tour, The Peace Army tour, which voices, “Stop the racism and love the music." Most of their songs deal with government abuse, the improvement of society, and in this concert the main focus was the racism that’s going on in Arizona. The audience agreed with the message as they took part of the mosh pit, guys and girls didn’t care who they where slamming to of course they would pick up anybody who fell to the ground. One was able to spot Santos, el Zapatista, and the ring of smoke inside the mosh pit as the drums and the sax made the none dancers enjoy the show.