Monday, March 28, 2011


Nothing was plan out for this years SXSW, better yet I didn't really think to go, look up who was playing, or check my pockets to see if I had any money. After reading everyones post on facebook about The Strokes show, how much fun they where having, drinking, dancing, I said, "To HELL WITH IT, LET'S GO TO AUSTIN!!!"
I'm glad I found a new daredevil friend at the new job, with out thinking twice she agreed. That night we searched for cheap and available rooms and after an hour of bing,, and priceline, the Marriot agreed to my $95 bid. We went to work on Saturday morning and clocked out at exactly 2:30 p.m. The usual 3 hour drive took only 2 hours and 15 minutes it was probably due to the great company, the six pack of beer, the chocolate pretzel or the cheese puffs.

At the Marriot no ideas, no plan, but ready for a party! Gotta' start early who knows how pricey drinks will be. Lagunitas Pale Ale yummy stuff! Found the redbull party, the line was super long. No time for standing still "WE WANT TO DANCE!!"
Decided to go to the front of the line and just cut as soon as the line started to move. The music was great, a little mix of hip hop, fist pumping, and old school dancing. One thing that annoyed me was the b-boys on the left side of the stage. Way to cocky and I've seen better moves. A girl tried to get up on the stage and danced and was quickly pushed down by the boys, maybe I'm use to the sweetnest of my Houston guys who will invite anyone to the dance floor because after all it's a party!
Got to listen to DJ Jazzy Jeff and a a song or two from De La Soul.

Place was too pack and I wanted to listen to PELIGROSA before the party was over. Los Rakas

The guys are hot and the music is insane. Pura Gozadera!!

That boy Dayta from Houston and Mr. Sonora Longoria from San Antonio.

Musica en las venas! I like finding cool tats and chicks! 2:30 in the morning , drunk and walking. Sunday morning decided to stop by flip happy. Cute crepe place in Austin.

Roasted chicken crepe.

Cute and friendly shop around the corner from Flip Happy. Great place for souvenirs! Adrian recommended we get some Brazos Ice cream, which is made with goat milk. I really like! Great get away! Maybe next year we'll stay there the whole week.

I love you Texas!

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