Monday, November 7, 2011

C'est la vie

Almost the end of the year, wow time is just running and I'm still walking.
Got a bit of some bad news today which just made me a bit more blue. The weekend was weird, starting with a fight with my boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, not sure where I stand in his book now. Yet, today I realized that it's really me in all my fail relationships. I'm a fucking bitch!!! I let little things get to me, I go from being mad to just being completely ugly in less then 2 minutes. I have become a jealous person, comparing myself to other people and being annoyed with their success.
This morning while at the doctor's office getting more bad news, I received a text.
The doctor chatting it up about my liver and my friend texting about a post I made on facebook that they didn't like. At this point I just didn't give a fuck and could care less about what I should and how I should say things to others. You are probably asking yourself , "well didn't you just mention that you want to become a better person?"
I do, and I will try. First we all have choices. I choose to not let little things get to me anymore!
I choose to get a real life and not sit my fat ass on Facebook all the time.
I choose to not care if people like me or if I'm saying the appropriate things to them so they can like me.
I will not compare my life to others and will be happy with what I'm doing.
I will be more patient and count to a thousand if needed.
and now you might think that I'm wasting my time writing this junk, however I'm venting and I don't care if my spelling and grammar are that of a second grader.
Today I start with keeping it real.

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