Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Something I wrote 2 years ago but had to re-post because of my friend Edson's status.. I guess he was feeling the way I felt a while back.

It's a small city within a big city!
I love all the people that make Houston so much fun, artsy, and powerful.
I love that I can be driving on 59 and out of no where another scion pulls up next to me. The guy waves and I noticd it was my great friend Peter from 5th grade!
I love Houston.
If you're from Houston and are talented don't take your skills some where else, stay in Houston and make this city more kick ass!!!!
Houston I love you!!!

Edson's post:
I've said this before and I'll say it again: if you don't like Houston, then either help us make it a better place or go live somewhere else.

my response:
I so agree with you!! I'm so sick and tired of hearing people bitch about my city! I'm annoyed with so many talented houstonians who want to go some where else because, "they can't seem to make it here!" I call it BULLSHIT!! Keep the talent here make this city grow. This city has so many opportunities not only with the music industry, but our art scene. Our living is affordable, our people are nice, we have shit to do monday- sunday, and where else can you hear a Howdy?!?!?! Houston I fucking love you!!!!

Top people to check out:
Karina Nistal
Fat tony
la catrin
Brandon West

D.J. Sun

Music Gurus:

Grayson Castro
Antone P.
Patrick over at the Menil
Brandi Lisenbi because she's so damn crafty
and also Erika Garcia because I want to be a hip cool mom like that.

There's so many more and if I didn't give you a shout is because I ran out of time.
Hit me up with your list.

If you got tag is because youmake my city great! Thank you guys!!

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