Friday, August 28, 2009

50 just 50

1.My name is not Cynthia. My name is Sindy or you can call me Tony.
2.I love dancing until my feet hurt, btw I don’t like to wear high heels.
3.When I’m really tired or drunk I don’t snore I drool.
4. I love soccer
5.I’m a hopeless romantic, Love is not dead!!!
6. kissing is like magic
7. I took 4 yrs. of French and all I can really say is “Un verre de vin rouge, S'il Vous Plaît.”
8. I have a fetish for hot sexy, muscular legs.
9. I love to cuddle
10. I love reading, I want my next lover to love books as well
11. music is a passion
12. I took piano lessons for 10 years, I don’t play but I can still read music
13. I’m a terrible speller and my grammar needs help!
14. I have an accent, and when I get nervous it becomes stronger
15. I’m learning how to cook
16.Pregnancy grosses me out I don’t like to see pregnant ladies, yet I can’t wait to experience it!
17. I think woman are the sexiest, most powerful, unbelievable thing ever made by God.
18.Mis palomitas necesitan valentina.
19. 15 is my favorite number
20. pink and black are my favorite colors
21. I don’t really like Chinese food
22. I’m working on not using profanity every other sentence
23. My ex-boyfriend was amazing, amazing at being a two face.
24. I love my homies, they are all talented
25. My family comes first no matter what.
26. Halloween is my favorite holiday
27.I’m afraid of being lonely
28. I love my culture
29. I drink champagne with a straw
30. I own a skateboard, but don’t know how to skate.
31 I love to sing, I sound horrible
32. I bite my nails when I’m pissed, bitchy, sad, or painting
33. I dislike the word nigg*, I hate, and I can’t do it, they shouldn’t be part of the English language
34. math is not my favorite subject
35. I love to travel
36. I run around looking ugly, but I own a whole bunch of make-up. I especially love M.A.C
37. I own a few cool pieces of art, support your local artist!!
38. Did you know that150 years ago; there use to be more than 2,500 types of bananas?
39. My last name is missing an S on my birth certificate.
40. Yo Hablo Espagnol
42. I have never traveled inside the U.S. I’ve only been to 4 cities in Texas.
43. I like ranch and ketchup on my fries.
44. I have a thing for Asian guys, I think they’re hot.
45. my favorite graffiti artist is Fafi
46. I love shoes, kicks not heels. I use to own 115 adidas. I can find anything just asks.
47. I love Tokidoki!
48. my gramma wanted to name me Juana
49. I love watching a good boxing match
50. I grew up in Westbury, I can still throw some gang signs up, hahaha
51. my room is never clean

51. Me gusta un pinche cabron que no vale la pena! ahhh!!!

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