Monday, March 30, 2009


Day eighteen in Mexico City, one more week to go and I hope the seconds become minutes and the minutes, hours because I want to stay here a lot longer. The second week here, my sweet friend Article decided to join in the fun. We got to enjoy a concert in El Zocalo, the sounds of a symphony where running down the street as an amazing DJ wrecked the block spinning everything from disco, funk, to the sweet sounds of reggae. It’s amazing how all the people in the audience knew the English lyrics to all the hip hop songs that blast threw the speakers. Hip Hop its universal!!!....

Last Monday was my big challenge of getting lost in the city, finding my way around the streets of downtown Mexico and its surrounding areas. One can ride the subway for less than 20 cents and a cab for less than $8.00. My favorite hour here is lunch, especially if it’s in La Condesa neighborhood. This neighborhood reminds me of Montrose but with a little more flavor and less expensive. A full meal at a small coffee shop was around $5.00 this included soup, rice, my main meal, and ½ a pitcher of Papaya juice. Yummy!!

As far as the party scene, I haven't really gone mad crazy, maybe because of all the sightseeing that happens during the day, my feet sure hurt at the end of the night. This Friday night however, we headed out to La Condesa for a friend’s birthday, we didn't end up kicking it there due to impatience. My cousin Aldo, who I'm probably driving crazy by now has been the best tour guide ever, he took us down to Zona Rosa which is the gay district here in the city and also the best place to party. The gays know how to do shit right! We got to listening to a few rock cover bands as we sipped on some cold beer and a couple of Tequila shots. Article and my cousin were all about the music, I was more about checking out my Mexican Wolverine. He's my cousin's cousin, WE ARE NOT RELATED, and he's just so damn gorgeous. He’s an amazing artist, he’s work is just incredible. I felt for this guy 8 months ago, on my last trip to Mexico. His smile drives me crazy and his lips are, oh damn I wish I could kiss those lips! I can't wait for you guys to meet him and check out his work. Back to Friday night, I don't remember what happened after we left the bar I was gone, and can only seem to remember the night in small fragments. Apparently we walked to the statue of the angel of independence, where I almost peed. I do remember holding his hand as I tried to walked back to the car, I haven’t held anyone’s hand in over 2 years, and it made me cry. The next day I woke up feeling worse than shit. We woke up early to start on the mural that Article did for my Aunt's house. I will post a video on that soon, on my YouTube. Wolverine showed up a couple hours later and told me everything that happened on our way home. I apparently tried to rape him in the back seat; I know I get a little naughty when I drink, but not that crazy. Poor guy I bit him in the arm and probably said a bunch of dirty things. Hahahaha.

He keeps saying no to me, but I don’t give up easily. He is taking me to another museum tomorrow, that's if he puts down his brush and paint.

I'm not sure what the rest of the week will be about, but I will try to post all pictures and videos up soon.....



.. ..

p.s. Qué onda papacito, ahora si me llevas a dar la vuelta? Ya dime que si!!

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