Sunday, December 28, 2008


Maybe just maybe
if I took 20 minutes more out of my day to cake my face up and by that I mean put some make up on.
Maybe if I remember to shave my legs every other day
or to wax my eyebrows every other week, or that girly mustache that all you bitches get cause I ain't the only one!
Maybe if I stopped bitting my nails
Maybe if I loose a few pounds
Maybe if I stopped saying so many fucking bad words
maybe if I was a little more polite
Maybe if I dress a little better, put some high heels on
instead of my usual jeans, layer black t-shirt on, and my white adidas.
Maybe if I was girly instead of one of the guys
Maybe if I always giggle at plain stupid shit
or mabe if I play stupid like the others
will you find me attractive and wanna date me.
Maybe you should date me?
Maybe we should just fuck, maybe!
Lets just go at it for hours.
Maybe we could just kiss and hold hands.
maybe we could just sit there and stare at each other like a bunch of dumbasses!!!
Just Maybe.................

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