Monday, April 26, 2010

Coachella 2010

First of all I’m two shades more Mexican, my skin feels like leather and not your Louis Vuitton leather but more like that fake over priced urban outfitters. I spent 6 days away from my beautiful city on a quest to find new music to love, fresh conversations, and amazing sight seeing. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

It took us 25 hours and 7 gas stations to reach our Indio, California destination, 12 hours were spent trying to leave Texas. WOW, we have one hell of a big state; this would be my first time traveling in the U.S. I was excited and didn’t cared driving for so long, we had an iced chest full of water, beer, vodka, and turkey what else could we asked for?

We were able to kiss the sun rise of New Mexico and let me just say it was beautiful!

We had two border patrol stops and were able to sneak my apples to California. The lady was too lazy to look in our car and my ass had just bought the apples, OH no ma'am you are not throwing my fruit away.

Made it to Coachella, sunburn, hungry, sleepy, and half my ass numb!

We built our tent and I slept like a baby!

Here are some of the bands and art work I checked out:


Florence and the Machine

I f-ing love them!!

Gossip!! She's not so big, she's as chubby as me. lol.

Tokyo Police
Them Croocked Vultures
LCD Soundsystem

Passion Pit

Calle 13!!!

Dress code= none! The less the better and if you own American apparel clothes you are definitely in!

Can wait to do it again next year! Who’s game?

Monday we made a little detour to the Grand Canyon, pictures can’t describe how amazing it was!